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UCS server weapons and perks Tier list

Discussion in 'Call Of Duty 5 : World At War' started by Gabvador, May 26, 2019.

  1. Gabvador

    Gabvador Registered

    Nov 7, 2015
    ### DISCLAIMER ###

    I was talking weapons of choice with olde and ken yesterday on the server. I proposed to do a tier list. I know I do decent on your server and with a playstyle that shouldn't work a lot. I like to go in depth with some reasoning about some games. The idea of tier lists came to me with league of legends. Understand that by no mean it is the ultimate way to play, this is my way with my reasoning. It works for me and might not for everyone else. If you like yours, stick with it I just want to share some infos about one way to play on your server.
    We have to take into account that your server doesn't have killstreaks(thx god :)), half health and tanks only maps. The bunny hopping part is very hard too because it is now very core to all others cod. That's why the rule #9 is the one that people get warning the most with.
    My playstyle is very rushy. And hard to do in this server since you can get os by too many hidden people. You have to use your brain a little more which I love. My go-to playstyle revolves around a weapon with a silencer and the perk deadly silence. I also like to memorize all your camp patterns individually. I know most of the hideouts now. The habits of Fafnir, victorRosta or wally for example. Specially the campers because I like to put them down. I could talk also about spawn patterns because some of you didn't believe me when I said that I noticed some tendency but won't be the main subject here. (It kinda makes me angry when spawns are all over the place but w/e)
    I do decent with all those infos and my gameplay and I don't want to brag about it. If you have some different opinions or info I'll be glad to read them. I play this game since the release, with some breaks and still enjoy it. Finding something new always bring me joy. This is just my experience on your server and that's all. Take nothing I say as granted, maybe you all know this and I just say some obvious stuff but that's all. I would like to upload some gameplay on youtube or something but can't really since I play on a potato computer.

    I am french so sorry for my english.

    I'll talk about weapons and perks and why I put them in a tier list. By tier list I mean effectiveness. If a weapon is easy to use, some caracteristics, the recoil for example or the success I have with it.

    ### WEAPONS ###​
    bolt action rifles :
    the thing is with the half health it kinda ruin the bolts. They are outclassed by the rifles.
    they are good for maybe sniping but even the garand with scope is better.
    I prefer the mosin/kark/spring and doesnt like the arisaka. the ptrs is very fun but that's all.
    Don't use stopping power with them they already os anything. Sometimes not a juggernaut but they'll do the work normally. If I want to play a little challengy, I take a bolt(without the scope) and double tap. Helps when u are vs automatic weapons. Bayonneta is nice. The grenade launcher can be used but you won't last long on the server :D. Scope is the hardest level on those when you rush. Quickscoping is way easier with the ptrs and not in this cod.

    Rifles :
    maybe the most versatile weapons for this server.
    • SVT-40/Gewher are nice. Quite decent long range too, and very stable. Silencer very good on them but you will need more shots sometimes. a little outclassed by the m1a1
    • STG 44 is very good with a silencer. I find it lacking some firerate so double tap as a perk is nice. recoil nice.
    • m1 garand...OP as f***. With a scope it outclassed all the bolt in sniping terms. More ammo, more fire rate, and dont need to change the bullet like the bolt(except the ptrs). It os people with a scope even without stopping power... The silencer is very very good on it. VictorRosta is one of the best at it with the silencer.
    • m1a1 carbine. It is nice, better than the svt or gewher but its iron sights is hard for me sometimes. It does the work but dont play it that much.

    submachine guns:
    • type100: the least best and it is weird for me because in a normal server like the PDE one. the best class to carry is type 100 stopping power steady aim but in this server not really. The type 100 is my least favorite on this server. Probably because sometimes you need to take a shot very far away and the recoil and precision on this are not the best.
    • thompson, is very nice, with silencer too. For some reason I have this feeling that equiped with the drum it is less precise. a very personal feeling and really weird.
    • ppsh most precise submachine. Shame that no silencer on this weapon. does the work maybe the most popular on this server
    • mp40. maybe the most versatile and broken. Can most of the times OS with stopping power and silencer equiped. Less precise than thompson or ppsh and the recoil is harder but when mastered it is very nice. My go to weapon when I need to tryhard or kick some campers asses.

    hmm very hard to use on your server since a lot of people camp and the problem is the range... you have to sneak on people with this.
    • the m1897 can be fun and stylish but that's all.
    • double barreled can have some nice range with a equipement but you take the place for perk 1 so it is not that good.
    Only dizzy sometimes uses the m1897 but a submachine gun does way more work than this. Can be a fun challenge to play it though

    machine guns :
    Some are quite good on this server and others not that much. Some machine guns are so "heavy" that they don't work with my moving playstyle and they are too long to aim with. reload time too requires the double tap perk.
    • type 99 is nice but OMG the clip just take all ur right fov. Nice dmg and recoil but the fov is so important
    • bar is very good. decent dmg always os mostly. recoil a little rough
    • dp-28 very popular among the server and very good. the reload time is a bit long but ok.
    • mg42 can be precise but the others are better
    • fg42, you burn so quick the ammo on this. 1 clip for 1 guy so it is not very effective
    • browning is the same as mg42. too heavy lot of bullets but not precise

    pistols :
    • the magnum is interesting to OS people. oldandcrappy likes to use it a lot.
    • the others feel the same to me except the japanese one with a weird reload animation.

    so in term of tier list maybe something like this ?
    1. S(best) : mp40, m1 garand, ppsh
    2. A : m1a1, stg, thompson, dp-28, bar, magnum?
    3. B : type 100, svt, gewher, fg42, type99
    4. C : mg42, browning
    5. D(worst) : bolt rifles and ptrs, shotguns
    :cool:A guy who knows how to handle bolt rifles will cause a lot of dmg to the enemy team but it requires some skills.
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  2. Gabvador

    Gabvador Registered

    Nov 7, 2015
    ### PERKS ###

    i'll try to do the same for perks
    By useless I mean that they are not the best choice "to carry or be efficient".
    blue ones:
    With the use of tanks, some of those perks feel useless. Tanks are so op on your server since it is 50% hp. You'll need stuff to blow them or else they'll take over the game.
    "useless" ones :

    • special grenades *3, can't be equiped with the smoke which I use most of the times. maybe 3 signal flares can be fun and useful but meh. the other possibility is to troll your teamates with 3 tabun gas grenade since it works on teamates... like erkanutazo did to me.
    • flamethrower. something that can be funny and humiliating to kill with but you can't burn tanks...
    • bandolier. Maybe good for snipers(corner hugger style) but others are better.(ex: bettys to cover your ass against me)

    good ones :
    • c4 is the most effective on tanks. Well placed you can OS them. Harder to use on Seelow
    • bazooka are good but I prefer c4. Good on Seelow. Killo is the best at it
    • primary grenades * 2 can be decent but 2 sticky grenades are not enough to kill a tank so meh.
    • bouncing bettys : I HATE BETTYS. But since I prioritise tanks over them, they feel overpowerful. Plus instead of claymores or others mines in others cod, they are ruthless. Can't avoid them by proning or anything. Even a bunny hoppe wouldn't help and the half health too doens't. So yeah considering the parameters of the servers they are quite good for snipers/campers(well hidden people).
    • bomb squad : to counteract the bettys and even sometimes you can't reach the betty without exposing you or triggering it. But I like to take it because getting killed by campers triggers me a little.

    red perks:
    "useless" :

    • camouflage, counteracts the uav and since it is disabled, no thanks you. It could be useful if it hides your name tag but it doens't. It does in some other cods.
    • shades, no one or it is very rare uses flares. I only saw Ivan-rus using it I think.
    • flak jacket ? I don't really know, because half health means you die easily with explosives and tanks. maybe flack jacket can help but I doubt it. didn't try it.
    • gas mask. A very few people uses gas. Only killo I think. Gas is pretty obnoxious, it is more punishing than the stun or flash from cod4.

    good ones :

    • stopping power. Not useful on all the weapons. If I take it, it is for the OS potential. I put it on the garand(silencer) or the mp40 for example.
    • fireworks. I don't use it but seems we use sooooo much explosives on this server(tanks, c4) might be good when you drive or want to destroy a tank.
    • juggernaut. Since stopping power is not the go to option like in normal health servers it can be nice. You can tank more damage. I don't use it though
    • sleight of hand. It works well instead of stopping power. Since you almost kill anything because of half-health, reloading faster is quite good depending on the situation.
    • double tap. Good on bolt rifle(helps for my dual rushing style of bolt), not the ptrs though. Good on weapons which lacks some fire rate, stg, mp40 if you want...
    • overkill. Very nice on this server. I use it on seelow. You take a long range weapon and a submachine for close combat.

    green perks:
    "useless" :

    • toss back: well the sticky is like a go to choice because of tanks. Atleast if you don't use c4 or bazooka you can help with the stickys. So there is nothing to toss back when no one uses the classic grenades.(only killo does). But yeah you can toss back the martyrdom grenades... but not that useful
    • fireproof : self explanatory.
    • iron lungs : others perk are better but can be useful for snipers I guess.
    • reconnaissance : I don't really know about this one but same as iron lungs others outclass it.
    • extreme conditionning : well maybe on seelow but outclassed by others.
    • second chance : situational. about this perk, there is this timing when you are shot then you go on the last stand mod, you have some frames of invulnerability and if you are fast enough you can maybe shot the guy who shot you(if he's close). only ivan_rus uses it sometimes. And i don't like to wait for someone getting me up.

    good :

    • deep impact: decent since it can help shooting through walls. Helps when Kos-effect is hiding in a house and you just shot at it knowing he's probably in it. You got a hitmarker ? keep shooting then
    • steady aim: is only good with submachine guns or bolt. submachine is explanatory, don't need to aim, only if the target is far away. For bolt it helps for the no-scope.
    • martyrdom : a lot of you use it. I find it nooby because it is not skill based. Still good to get a few kills per game I guess.
    • dead silence : Since I play with a headset and I learnt to focus on sound with cod 4 and mw2 it is very OP. I guide myself mostly with sound and the map. I use it a lot.

    tanks perk:

    • water cooler: no
    • greased bearings : why not
    • ordnance training : yes yes(shoot more people with it)
    • leadfoot : why not
    • coaxial machine gun : why not

    my best class to tryhard are those(and I always use the sticky grenade):

    • roundhouse : mp40(silencer), a pistol, c4, stopping power, dead silence, ordnance training
    • downfall : m1garand(silencer), a pistol, c4, stopping power, dead silence, ordnance training
    • outskirts : the mp40 one
    • seelow : m1 garand(scope), submachine gun with silencer, c4, overkill, deep impact, ordnance training

    if the ennemy team is heavy on betty users I have this one prepared for them:
    thompson(drum), a pistol, bomb squad, stopping power, steady aim, ordance training.

    have fun fragging.
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    KOS EFFECT Clan Member

    Apr 8, 2011
    Nice post Gab. ;)
  4. cpt

    cpt Clan Member

    Jul 14, 2016
    Nice tutorial, Gabby. Merci bien for taking the time to put this down. It won't help me kill YOU more, but maybe Carduelis.:cool:
  5. kenshiro

    kenshiro Tank Server Mods

    Feb 3, 2019
    Hello GAB

    Thank you for posting a really good job!
    Always a pleasure to play with you and the others of the team!

    Ah for my 2olde ^^ Do you think you kill an old fox like carduelis? I think I'm going to dream and you too to kill an old fox like him! He plays my card very well and you too, but others also we all have a different game and I love it! Otherwise there would be more surprise and fun to play! If everyone would have the same style of play.

    So thanks to you Gabby for posting but I keep my style of play. :cool:

    Have a good day


  6. Carduelis

    Carduelis Clan Member

    Aug 9, 2014
    Nice post and hard work to do it.

    I also play using headphones so I can hear the movements of the players also Wally when he farts (several times in a game). It's an advantage.

    Also I know the behaviour of several regular players and their favourite spots, specially if they are sniping, so they are easy to kill (Wally again).

    I always use the PPsH as the 1st gun and the scoped Garand as a 2nd weapon, except in Round House in where I use DP28 and a pistol. As a perk, I prefer to use the satchels to blow up the tanks and the sticky grenade to help with tanks also to stick it on 2Olde's forehead. Ahhh and death silence.

    I move quickly as a good sniper should do when I use the Garand, also to avoid Killo's revenge kills with grenades. I never stay on the same place for a long time. That's why sometimes I do many kills but also got many deaths. I prefer to keep that style of gameplaying because I found it funny than others. Even being killed sometimes a lot.

    I'm too old to use too many different game configurations, so I tend to simplify. Killing 2Olde, Wally and Feldy a lot it's enough reward for me.
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