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MW2 Bug List

Discussion in 'Call Of Duty 6 : Modern Warfare 2' started by FlatLiner, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. FlatLiner

    FlatLiner Staff Member Clan Founder

    Nov 8, 2006
    This was posted over at steam , makes good reading

    I'm pretty much here so we can sort issues out with what we have left of a pretty decent multiplayer experience. Instead of whining we can all contribute to fixing issues that is known to the game.

    (PS..I'm going to be copying few things from the TF2 list because it's laid out pretty nicely and add my own personal touch to it)

    • All forum rules apply.
    • This is not a thread for game suggestions.
    • This list if for bugs that happen for everyone. If your bug only happens due to your set-up, please try the technical help threads first. If nothing works make a new thread asking for help or check this list of common MW2 Errors
    • Major exploits/bugs such as crashing a server should not be posted. Instead, e-mail them to a Valve employee.
    Posting a Bug
    • You can post bug reports here in this thread, or you can PM me the details.

    Sample Bug
    Here is the way I would like all bugs to be posted, Using this format makes posting it very easy for me so please use it. Also, if commenting on a bug I already have, please quote it or supply the tab when referring to it. (Anything I can stick into Crl + F to find it works) Thanks!

    Date happened: (Month/Day (7/1))
    Section: (General/Map/Weapon)
    Severity: (1-10 on gamebrakingness/ M for minor)
    Description: (This bug does xyz. Please use THIRD person. No I's!)
    Screens shot/Video (Links if possible)
    Special Notes: (Requires alt+tabbing, etc.)

    I will be going through this thread once a day to collect all the issues and put them in a thread. If your issue is nonsense don't expect it to be added to the list. PS:: Check the list to see if your issue has been already mentioned.

    General Bugs​

    • If you open the barracks or create-a-class while waiting to join a game and then get the "unable to connect to host" error, the error message will continue to pop up until you close the application, infinite loop style.
    • Stuck at connecting to IWNet - 30 pages worth of information regarding this issue.
    • IWNet never selects the best connection, in most games there is only 1 or two people with 4 green bars while everyone else is 3 or 2 bars. This doesn't happen too often, but many players do report it has happened to them a lot making some days unplayable.
    • Game hangs in between one game and the next IWnet says finding players to balance match but there were already an even number IWnet kept hanging until and searching for balance until I finally left sometime later. Btw I had just come in on the tail end of the previous game.
    • When you try to join parties with certain friends at random times, it either says 'Server is full' (when only said friend is in the party) or 'Joining game session attempt 1-20' then give up.
      • Parties are being split into separate games. Forcing everyone to back out of the game and start over. It happens randomly, but needs to be fixed.
    • Randomly after a host change the 'Match Beginning in...' counts down to 1... then kicks out most of the server.
    • When joining games using 'Find Game', 50:50% (most times randomly) of the time it connects you to the host and stays for a few secs then says 'Cannot connect to host' when you clearly had connected.
    • IWnet will occasionally choose exactly the same map which has just been played causing lobbys to instantly empty. This happens mainly on groundwar, an example being a TDM game on skidrow, and then IWNET selecting skidrow again for a domination game. This can happen on other game modes however, such as when lobbys are merged. - Temporary fix is to vote skip the map
      • this also some times causes "Waiting..." message that never ends, one person leaving or vote skipping fixes this some times.
      • Sometimes when you join a lobby, it sits saying Waiting... until everyone leaves.
    • After you leave a game, and connect to another, it often connects you back to the same game.
    • Care Package Marker - you can run at super fast speeds while holding the care package marker in hand.
      • Enemies with good crates like EMP's or Chopper gunners often get 2 of the same if the care package is dropped within 10 seconds of each other
    • This bug make the game practically unplayable. It is a mouse problem where the mouse acceleration is extremely off. There is a thread about it already call inconsistent mouse movement because it is literally just that. Removing razer drivers has not worked, doing the cpl mouse fix did not work, doing the obvious like turning off enhanced mouse precission in windows 7 did not work. It is not the computer because it can run COD4 at extra high settings and is very smooth. A guy even posted a youtube video about the problem. Gameplay has been unplayable.
    • Game Lobby Issue - game lobby closes if you start up the game with your friends list offline. Once you join a game (whilst your offline[friends list]) the game lobby will close while it's logging you into your friends list. (Tested about 3 times and it happens every-time if anyone else can confirm this happens to them I'm sure it's a steam cloud issue)
    • You can join a game of search and destroy during the last round and never get to play the match.
    • After viewing any of the sections (Title, emblems, or killstreaks) if an attempt it made to enter one of the other screens the menu acts as if you escaped.
    • When typing a message just after a match is over, you’ll lose what you’ve typed when the Match Winning Kill is shown. If you start retyping your message, you’ll lose it again after the MWK is finished. When you start retyping – again – you’ll lose it – again
    • When spectating someone who for instance plants the bomb and you respawn again before it is planted the sound of the bomb being planted is still being played even though you're halfway across the map.
    Map Bugs​

    • Thermal Scopes pick up snow on derailment as "hot" meaning that snow shows up white instead of black.
      • Some other white textures appear very white despite looking like they should be cold(black), for example the stairs and decking on the cliff to the right of the house on estate, thermal sights are hard to snipe with towards there.
    • Afghan - It seem like it over exaggerated the HDR output, cause on my screen the ground is all green and glowing like it was some radioactive slime. However all indoor environment and the sky is normal.
      My Grapichs Card is ATI 4xxx (something) with the latest drivers.
    • When looking trough broken glass (only the few remains that do not fall out) you can't see smoke. So if someone trows a smoke grenade, and you look trough some broke glass, its like its not even there.
    • You can look over an edge trough your optics, but in game only the very top of your head is visible.
    • Unable to throw any gernades, over fence corner - Long Description Here.
    Weapon Bugs​

    • While dieing with the .50 caliber and using Copycat deathstreak, if your enemy had an ACR, your gun model shows an ACR, but shoots like a .50 caliber
    • Permenantly binds a class to the last CopyCat layout the user received
    • I kill players with a weapon, however at the end of the round, I check the number of kills I get credit for... and the correct amount is not being shown. - Read More
    • Desert eagle central iron sight is "offset" slightly to the right.
    • Javalin will sometimes completely miss air support that it is shot at. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K3b6xg60TI
      • firing a javelin, but there is no actual shot, you hear the sound but see no missile.
    • Grenade Launcher should have a longer delay at the beginning of a round/start of a match as spawn killing across the map has a horrific disadvantage to the normal non-tubing players. COD4 had balanced this issue with a 6 second delay.
    • When dying while reloading, you respawn while reloading your gun.
    • While using the AC130 and if the host changes, when the count down returns you can shoot and kill people before the game begins. (Rare glitch, as it's unknown when the host will migrate during the time of you having an AC130)
    • Claymores not always doing damage. - Full Description

    • Screenshots don't save while pressing F12
    • Max FPS is set to 91 which could go a lot higher if the cap was removed
    • Spawn system should be looked at, some people report being spawned next to enemies. (Disregard Search and Destroy, but definitely take a look at other game modes)
      • Spawning into direct fire is another issue others have encountered with the current spawn system
    • Playing HC HQ, when your team has capped an HQ, and you are dead, ie you're waiting for it to be destroyed, when specing players if a player dies the game will show the spot he died but the world is upside down for a split second then it goes to the next player... well when playing a game where everyone dies within seconds of each other, you get a montage of upside down Specing and you get a seizure... my eyes were killing me because my team was always capping and dying immediatly...
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