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New Profile Posts

  1. Carduelis
    I hate stinky llamas
  2. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall Carduelis
    One neuron.....must be a short game of pingpong, still
    looking for the ball. ,lol
  3. Carduelis
    Carduelis sgt_kendall
    Llama plays ping-pong from one neuron to another
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    2. sgt_kendall
      Lol stinky bird
      Jan 30, 2018
  4. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall Soldier1357
    Tank tart gittimusmaximus
  5. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall 2olde2sloe
    Every time I see Albuquerque I think of the wrong turn bugs bunny made. He probably saw you and ran away screaming :)
    1. 2olde2sloe
      Wacky wabbit!
      Jan 23, 2018
  6. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall Carduelis
    Birds eat rocks, sounds about right :)
  7. Carduelis
    Bird like voiceless llamas and testicles free
  8. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall 2olde2sloe
    Now you ca.n say someone visited :)
    1. 2olde2sloe
      And I forget to put out a bucket of oats!
      Dec 30, 2017
  9. sgt_kendall
    Llama like birds....fried, fricasseed, marinated in butter or just as a light snack
  10. oldandcrappy
    oldandcrappy Nagged
    Hi Nagged, I posted a thread about an iffy player today but it seems to have moved. Don't know where it's gone because I don't have access rights to its new folder.

  11. TxTnT
    Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone.
  12. MosKa
    Completely agree with you Tex.
  13. TxTnT
    "Never,never,never give up" Winston Churchill
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  14. feldmeyer
  15. feldmeyer
  16. Carduelis
    Llamas stink
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  17. TxTnT
  18. TxTnT
    Safe in Texas.
  19. sgt_kendall
  20. FlatLiner
    FlatLiner sgt_kendall
    Ok I Will Put Something Here Also