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New Profile Posts

  1. erkanutazo
    erkanutazo Soldier1357
    Black magic works with date of birth and name, solly

    you will remember me )
  2. dvs1412
    dvs1412 Nostris
    Hey Nos, how have you been ? Still playing the game ? I have installed everything again. little rusty but eventually it will come back again (I hope ;-)). Speak to you soon !
  3. dvs1412
    dvs1412 Dizzy-Dude
    Yo dizz, you ok ?
  4. oldandcrappy
    oldandcrappy Nagged
    Hi Nagged,

    I've switched to a better PC. Managed to transfer my old profile over but it's started my rank from scratch again. I'm ok with that although it is a pain, just wanted to let you know it's really still me.


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  5. TxTnT
    Make it a good day yall.
  6. TxTnT
    We’ve lost too much of the skill of actual human communication resulting in a strange rage of self pitying narcissists.
  7. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall Carduelis
    pollo con hígado de lilly
  8. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall KOS EFFECT
    I didn't know I blocked you I'm sorry
  9. Carduelis
    Llamas are coward and stinky
  10. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall KOS EFFECT
    Kosmic Kosinator :)
      Mints sent you another request, dont block me this time :)
      Jun 26, 2018
  11. Carduelis
    I hate stinky llamas
  12. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall Carduelis
    One neuron.....must be a short game of pingpong, still
    looking for the ball. ,lol
  13. Carduelis
    Carduelis sgt_kendall
    Llama plays ping-pong from one neuron to another
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    2. sgt_kendall
      Lol stinky bird
      Jan 30, 2018
  14. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall Soldier1357
    Tank tart gittimusmaximus
  15. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall 2olde2sloe
    Every time I see Albuquerque I think of the wrong turn bugs bunny made. He probably saw you and ran away screaming :)
    1. 2olde2sloe
      Wacky wabbit!
      Jan 23, 2018
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  16. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall Carduelis
    Birds eat rocks, sounds about right :)
  17. Carduelis
    Bird like voiceless llamas and testicles free
  18. sgt_kendall
    sgt_kendall 2olde2sloe
    Now you ca.n say someone visited :)
    1. 2olde2sloe
      And I forget to put out a bucket of oats!
      Dec 30, 2017
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  19. sgt_kendall
    Llama like birds....fried, fricasseed, marinated in butter or just as a light snack
  20. oldandcrappy
    oldandcrappy Nagged
    Hi Nagged, I posted a thread about an iffy player today but it seems to have moved. Don't know where it's gone because I don't have access rights to its new folder.